CamíYoga  – this is the first Aerial Yoga studio in Lithuania since 2014. Have run and taught by Camille Shakti.

This is a type of yoga, where traditional asanas (yoga poses) mix with acrobatics while using silk.

After a brief meet and greet and a quick introduction to aerial silks yoga as well as essential health questions you will meet your silk and the adventure begins. Starting in embryo pose (think inside a cosy hammock) you will meditate in a safe womb-like environment with music and energetic massage for the opening minutes before the physical class with asanas begins.

Aerial silks is a great workout for anyone from a total beginner to an advanced yoga practitioner and can teach you a lot about your own body, emotions, fears and release. The whole experience is playful and including child-like swings, jumps and flips through the air while being incredibly safe taught in small personal groups by a seasoned and passionate professional. Traditional vinyasa yoga flows are modified to challenge the body in strength and balance creating a meditative state which relaxes and nourishes you throughout the practice. As with normal yoga classes we focus on longer yin poses after the strength and warming start to the practice. The 8 limbs of the yoga philosophy including pranayama (breathing techniques) are included throughout this holistic and fun experience. You will learn about energy channels (chakras), concentration techniques and other yogic principles to incorporate into your daily life.

Silks yoga allows us to experience our inner child, anti-gravity and explore new or previously forgotten feelings as well as brand new emotions and experiences. You’ll leave feeling relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated.

Individual one-on-one classes can also be arranged to further personalise your experience!

Turn your experience Upside-Down!

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Camille Shakti

Founder of CAMÍYOGA and aerial yoga teacher

Camille is the founder of Lithuania’s first aerial studio “CAMÍYOGA” since 2014. As a lifelong student of the many yoga styles including hatha and vinyasa yoga as well as contemporary dance and movement therapy, Camille has been honing her skills since childhood. Her professional education includes the international Sivananda TTC (RYAT 200H, Lithuania), Advanced TTC (RYAT 300H in Rishikesh, India), aerial yoga TTC, thai massage and a masters in public health & nutrition.

Camille organises various yoga events, lectures, workshops and meditations and holds aerial yoga teacher trainings.


Phone: +370 641 59910
Email: info@camijoga.lt

Address: Jonavos g. 68, Kaunas

Public transport: buses – 4, 13, 20 and microbuse – 52

Link (GPS): Google Maps

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